Why is root canal complete with crown? When the pulp inside a tooth becomes infected, a root canal is often the best treatment for fixing the problem and alleviating your pain. Root canals can save your teeth from further decay and dental issues. However, when a root canal is performed, the affected tooth becomes weaker.

What is the Root Canal Process?

A root canal is performed when there is an infection within the tooth. Your dentist will gain access to the center of the tooth to remove the infection, therefore stopping the infection altogether. When an infection reaches the inside, or pulp, of the tooth, it is called pulpitis.

Before a root canal, your tooth can be in severe pain, but the procedure will help remove the pain completely.

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Root Canal Complete with Crown: Why Crowns are Added

When a tooth becomes weak over time from a root canal, they can fracture and cause further dental problems.  This is why root canal complete with crown is necessary after a root canal, to provide you with a strong and healthy tooth to protect your oral health.

Therefore, it is standard practice in dentistry to add permanent fillings to protect your tooth from bacteria and further damage after a root canal. After the filling, a crown will be placed to provide strength and protection to the filled tooth. Not only does this provide bacteria protection to your tooth, but it also looks natural.

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Who Needs a Dental Crown After a Root Canal?

Needing a crown after a root canal will mostly likely depend on the location of the affected tooth. Teeth towards the back of the mouth like molars and premolars are needed more for chewing, and generally require crowns, where incisors or canines which are not needed for chewing do not always require crowns.

If you suffer from any kind of teeth grinding, it is also especially important to get a crown after a root canal. When your teeth grind, immense pressure is put on your teeth, and on a weakened tooth from a root canal, this can cause major damage.

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To summarize, crowns after a root canal provide these major benefits:

  • Infection prevention.
  • Back-up security.
  • Natural looking tooth and color.
  • Protect you from tooth sensitivity.
  • Restore a fragile tooth.

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