Botox Treatments Lee’s Summit and Kansas City Missouri

What is “Botox”?

Botulinum toxin, commonly referred to as “Botox” or Xeomin, is a purified protein that is used to treat a variety of cosmetic and dental pain issues. The protein is injected into the facial muscles and blocks the nerve transmission of overactive muscles. As a result, the selected muscle temporarily becomes partially or completely relaxed depending on the dose. Botulinum toxin takes a few days to a week to show its full effect and can last up to 3 months.

What are the cosmetic benefits of using botulinum toxin?

For patients hoping to erase the signs of aging and appear more youthful, botulinum toxin can be used to reduce or eliminate facial wrinkles and lines. Common injection sites include the forehead, area between the eyebrows, crow’s-feet (corners of the eye), and lip lines. The well-established procedure is quick, safe, and virtually pain-free.

Premier Dental Offers Aesthetic Treatments

Premier Dental is uniquely suited to provide aesthetic treatments of the face. As a dental office, we have extensive training in the anatomy of the head and neck and are skilled at treating the overall facial esthetics balancing the appearance of the teeth and effects of the smile on the face.

Our dental providers have partnered up with an esthetic nurse injector, Gaylyn Butts RN. Gaylynn has completed advanced studies in facial cosmetics through the Aesthetic Medical Educators Training program and has successfully and safely treated many patients with botulinum toxin. Schedule a free consult with our dental providers and Gaylynn today.

How can botulinum toxin be used to treat muscle related pain?

Patients with various types of TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorders and migraines can benefit from botulinum toxin treatments. Pain in the head and neck can often times be associated with hyperactivity of chewing muscles that includes teeth clenching and grinding (bruxism). The muscle hyperactivity can lead to muscle pain that spreads throughout the head and neck eventually leading to a chronic migraine. Botulinum toxin can be used in these hyperactive muscles to help reduce their ability to contract and alleviate the associated pain symptoms. Common injection sites include the Masseter muscle and Temporalis.

As a dentist, Dr. Caye has extensive knowledge in the anatomy of the head and neck and has treated patients’ oral health since 2014. Dr. Caye routinely performs TMJ disability exams for retired military veterans through the VA hospital. The providers at Premier Dental have successfully examined and treated hundreds of patients with TMJ disorders and migraines. Schedule a free consult with our dental providers today.