The internet tells us a lot of things. Most of us probably hop on social media every day and we see friends and family share stories, recipes, photos, and more. However, you can’t always believe what you see on the internet. Thankfully, the same cannot be said about CEREC same day crowns, also known as CEREC crowns.

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CEREC is the short term for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, or CEramic REConstruction. Backed by many years of dental science and technology, our patients at Premier Dental have access to CEREC same day crowns! It’s a fact, not fiction. No more temporary crowns and waiting for the lab to create your crown – it’s one and done.

What’s the Difference?

The main difference between traditional and CEREC same day crowns is time. With a traditional crown, the process usually starts with your dentist taking an impression of your teeth. After the impression is taken, it’s sent to the lab to begin the creation process of a crown. So, in the meantime, you’re often fitted with a temporary crown until the permanent crown comes in. This results in multiple trips to the dental office – which no one really wants to do.

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With CEREC same day crown, or CEREC crowns, everything is completed in a single appointment. There’s also no need for those sticky impressions. Instead, your dentist will use a camera to take images of your tooth and create an exact 3D replica. The camera is small, smaller than the tip of a pen, and isn’t uncomfortable in the mouth. Once the images are created, a machine will create your crown within the next 20-30 minutes and your permanent, ceramic crown can be placed on your tooth. Viola!

CEREC Crown Advantages

No need to visit the dental office a second time, it’s a one-stop shop for crowns. Essentially, CEREC crowns have four major advantages:

  • Time – CEREC crowns are quick and only one appointment is required.
  • Money – There’s no need to spend more money (or co-pays) on additional appointments and temporary crowns, making CEREC crowns more affordable.
  • Comfort – No more sticky, uncomfortable impressions. The 3D camera is virtually unnoticeable and easy.
  • Unnoticeable – Unlike some traditional crowns, the CEREC same day crown can be matched to the color of your teeth, making them look natural in your mouth.

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After Receiving Your CEREC Same Day Crown

Just like a traditional crown, you may experience some sensitivity surrounding your new CEREC crown for a couple of days after the procedure. To avoid further sensitivity, avoid hard and chewy foods immediately after receiving your new crown. Brush and floss your teeth as normal to keep your crown, and the rest of your mouth, healthy and strong.

At Premier Dental, we offer the latest technology in order to deliver the highest-quality dentistry in Lee’s Summit. CEREC CAD/CAM (computer aided design/computer aided manufacturing) is the most versatile tool in our office and its primary advantage is that we can fix broken down teeth in a single visit. Call today to make your appointment or to ask any questions about CEREC crowns.


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