Poor dental hygiene can lead to problems that are more severe than the average cavity or case of bad breath. Gum disease is most commonly the result of poor dental hygiene and is the inflammation of the tissue around the teeth, according to www.medicinenet.com. Knowing the signs, symptoms, and treatment for various stages of gum disease can set you on a proactive path to avoiding a disappointing dental visit.



Taking the time off work to attend multiple dental appointments to fix a broken tooth can be extremely inconvenient. Thankfully, with CEREC technology, Premier Dental offers easy, same-day crowns that eliminate the hassle of multiple appointments.

According to Dental Economics, a CEREC same day crown is one of the most researched dental procedures in history. Analysis over the materials and procedure have lived up to many years of scientific scrutiny, creating a high track record that other dental procedures are hard-pressed to compete with.

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Differences: Traditional vs. CEREC Crowns

Traditional Crowns

CEREC crowns and traditional crowns are extremely similar, with the main difference lying in the procedure methods. With traditional crowns, a dentist will assess the area of the broken tooth and take impressions of the area using a paste. Once the impressions are set, they are sent off to a lab to create a permanent crown to implant during another visit to the dentist’s office. During this waiting period, temporary crowns are usually given to the patient to wear until the permanent crown arrives.

With the traditional crown, there are multiple options for materials, such as:

  • Porcelain/ceramic
  • Metal
  • Porcelain and metal combination

CEREC Crowns

A CEREC same day crown differs in that it doesn’t require multiple appointments to receive a permanent crown – they are made right in the dentist’s office within just a few minutes. This method eliminates time and cost and helps you get back to your normal routine after just one visit. Like traditional crowns, the dentist will assess the area that needs a crown, but instead of using a paste for impressions, CEREC technology allows dentists to use a digital scanner to take an extremely accurate 3D model of your tooth on the computer. This allows for extreme accuracy when creating a crown.

Once the model is formed, the crown will be created in-office within as little as 15 minutes and then simply implanted into your mouth – hassle free! With CEREC technology, you also have the ability to customize the whiteness and fit of your tooth, making sure you are extremely happy with your smile within the same appointment. A CEREC same day crown is made from durable porcelain and provide a real-looking smile and smooth surface.

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