Did you know that SureSmile clear aligners are often called clear braces or invisible braces? They utilize the newest technology in orthodontics to create a beautiful, straight smile. You can straighten your smile with clear aligners, as they are way less obvious than the old-school method of wires and metal brackets used in traditional braces. Instead, they’re clear while providing the same long-lasting results as traditional braces. They may seem like a magic trick, but they’re real, and provide real results to boot.

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What if I told you that you could achieve a straighter smile with comfort, discreetness, and ease? Although it probably sounds too good to be true, ClearCorrect invisible aligners are all that and a bag of chips! ClearCorrect aligners live up to their claims of comfort, ease, and invisibility by using new, advanced dental technology that can straighten your teeth without the discomfort and look of traditional braces. If you’ve ever considered orthodontic treatment for your smile, now is the time to try our ClearCorrect aligners.


The first semester of school is busy, to say the least, and worrying about the upkeep and look of traditional wire braces is an added stress. At Premier Dental, we offer the newest technology in braces with ClearCorrect Removable Braces that take the burden out of braces and teeth alignment.


clearcorrect-invisible-braces Whether it’s because of how your appearance will change, the awkwardness of metal being in your mouth, or how meticulous you have to be in cleaning them, braces can be daunting. But they don’t have to be, especially if they are clear and easy to maneuver invisible braces. Since many people are turning to more transparent alternatives to regular braces, ClearCorrect is a very accurate solution to set your teeth in place and looking fresh.

Invisible Braces: What is ClearCorrect?

ClearCorrect are invisible braces that were created in 2006 as transparent aligners that simplify and improve the position of teeth. They straighten teeth using custom-made, removable aligners that move your teeth bit by bit. Using 3-D and computerized technology to assess your teeth, results in a detailed evaluation of your teeth and their current alignment. As a result, you will receive the most suitable fit of invisible braces for your mouth.

There are three clear options for improving your teeth:

  1. There’s the Limited 6 option, which treats the full arch, covering all premolars.
  2. Then there’s the Limited 12 option alternative where 12 sets of alignments are provided for extended treatment.
  3. Lastly, there’s an unlimited option where you can get as many sets of aligners as are required for your treatment. This final option allows for an uncapped amount of revisions to your aligners over a three-year span.

Most cases require up to two years of treatment, depending on how much adjustment your teeth need.

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Smiling plays a significant role in improving our mood and also the temperament of others. Smiles are infectious, and when a good attitude is displayed, this can have a positive effect on how you are received by others. A smile can also affect the mood of others by helping to change a negative emotion into one that is cheerful. Overall, a smile is a representation of your self-esteem and genuine happiness, and this is contagious.

If you are an individual that is unhappy with your present smile, braces can help. Many individuals suffer from crooked or crowded teeth, overbites, and many other problems. With these types of issues, confidence is often affected, as individuals may also struggle to eat, speak or simply smile.

Invisible Braces Can Help to Restore Your Confidence

Braces are typically recommended as a corrective solution by dentists for persons suffering from such oral problems. Orthodontic treatment can help to effectively correct these oral troubles by straightening teeth and improving their appearance.

ClearCorrect is a form of invisible braces offered by Dr. Caye at Premier Dental that is quite similar to Invisalign. It provides patients, both young and old with an alternative solution for correcting their smile. It eliminates the need for metal wires and brackets that are typically used by traditional braces. Instead, ClearCorrect adopts clear trays that are tailored to accommodate the mouths of their patients. These trays, which are worn for 2-3 weeks at a time, are manufactured to gently apply pressure to teeth, coaxing them to align accordingly. New trays are supplied after the recommended weeks have expired.

Before you receive your trays, a meeting is arranged with Dr.Caye. During this consultation, your teeth are measured and assessed to determine your candidacy for ClearCorrect. The information obtained is submitted to ClearCorrect where the trays and treatment plan is prepared.

Once the trays are sized, and everything appears in order, treatment begins usually ranging from 4-12 months. Monthly visits to Premier Dental are required. During these visits, the progress of your teeth is assessed, and two trays are assigned for your use.

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ClearCorrect is Invisible & Removable

Opting for ClearCorrect is very advantageous. Unlike traditional braces that overtly exhibit their metal wires and brackets, clear trays do not. They are practically undetectable and invisible. Also, because they do not alter your speech, it would be difficult for individuals to notice that you have clear trays in your mouth.

Additionally, these clear trays can be removed. Unlike traditional brackets and wires that interfere with how thoroughly you clean your teeth, or the types of food you can consume, invisible braces do not. This advantage enables patients to comfortably remove the transparent trays before they eat, drink or clean their teeth.

Straighter Teeth Encourage Better Hygiene

In addition to the aesthetic advantages, straighter teeth offer, they also provide a better environment for a healthier mouth. With straight teeth, keeping them clean is an easier task as it is much easier to brush and floss in between them.  This advantage eliminates the possibility of greater plaque buildup, and cavities as toothbrushes and floss can access crevices effectively.

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At Premier Dental, Dr. Caye and his team are committed to providing patients with the utmost comfort and care. If you are interested in improving your smile, consider invisible braces. Book a free consultation with Dr.Caye and see how we can help to enhance your smile with ClearCorrect.

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