Dental Travel Tips 

Keeping up with your oral health while vacationing or traveling seems simple but with changes in time zone and a busy schedule full of fun activities, it may become difficult to remember to keep your mouth healthy. Here are some of our favorite dental travel tips during your next adventure!  

  1. Come see us before you leave. The last thing you want to deal with on a vacation is an emergency dental treatment. If you have any cavities or other oral issues, it’s good to know and treat them before a big vacay. Schedule a bit ahead of time so there’s enough time for a follow-up appointment before you leave, if needed. Give us a call at 816-600-6330, here are our hours too!
  2. Keep that toothbrush clean. When you’re packing, you might throw your toothbrush into any ole’ toiletry bag. Before you do, wipe the inside of the bag clean with a disinfectant wipe to get rid of any lingering bacteria and dirt. Also, let your toothbrush dry out before packing. Packing a wet toothbrush creates a breeding ground for bacteria to grow. If you have to pack a wet toothbrush, make sure to unpack it as soon as possible to let air dry. Here are some additional tips for toothbrush care.
  3. Forget Toothpaste or toothbrush? If you find yourself without a toothbrush or toothpaste – don’t fret – you can rinse your mouth with water in the meantime. If you have toothpaste, put some on your finger or a clean washcloth. Once you’re near a convenience store, grab a disposable toothbrush for the rest of your trip. 
  4. Unsure about the water? If you’re not comfortable using the water wherever you’re staying, make sure to brush and rinse with bottled water. 
  5. Pack some sugarless gum. Did you know that chewing sugarless gum can help relieve ear pressure during flights? It also helps get our saliva flowing in our mouths, so chewing sugarless gum after a meal can help prevent cavities and help flush out our mouths. 
  6. Mind the mounds of sugary treats. If you’re on a vacation or holiday, you’re probably going to enjoy different foods than you may normally eat, and that’s totally okay. Definitely enjoy your treats on any trip, but try to stick with a few treats a day (chocolate is preferred), and rinse your mouth with water or chew sugarless gum after to help reduce bacteria. 
  7. In case of emergency. Having our contact information handy can be very helpful if a dental emergency occurs during a trip. Sometimes, a dental emergency can be solved over the phone, or an appointment can be made when you’re done traveling. Whatever it is, we’ll be sure to help in any way we can. If you’re traveling overseas, you can get in touch with the local consulate or U.S. embassy. Here’s some additional information about Emergency Dental Care.

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Whether you’re traveling for fun or business, remember to see your dentist twice a year for preventive dental exam visits. It’s really that simple. When you see your dentist often, you’re getting some major advantages. Your dentist is trained to look for warning signs that may indicate:

  • Gum disease
  • Oral cancer
  • Cavities
  • And more

When these warning signs are caught early, you can often prevent things from getting worse and save on your treatment options, and money, down the road. When you get a check-up, your dentist is looking for those warning signs and is also giving you a thorough teeth cleaning that’s removing any build up of bacteria and plaque. When bacteria and plaque is left unchecked, it can cause serious issues such as gum disease, gum inflammation, tooth decay, and more.

To keep up with your twice a year dental exam, we suggest making appointments in advance. When you have appointments written in your calendar or on your phone, you’re less likely to forget or miss an appointment. Being organized here is key!

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Premier Dental is Making a Difference

Regular dental cleanings are wonderful preventative care, whether you’re traveling or not. Although you may be brushing and flossing really well at home, tartar and plaque is impossible to remove with regular brushing & flossing and can build-up over time. Dr. Caye and his expert dental team are able to use specific tools to remove that plaque and tartar, keeping our mouth cleaner and our chances of other complications much lower. We hope you have a wonderful time every time you travel, remember these helpful dental travel tips and enjoy!

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