‘Tis the Season to Use It OR Lose It

Walk into almost any store in the next few days and you’ll see a slew of Christmas decorations. While some of us may be surprised to see aisles full of blow-up Santa’s and sparkling Rudolph’s, the truth is, the end of the year is approaching quickly and is a busy time. Our schedules often fill up with family events, holiday parties, and to-do lists, so it can be easy to forget about scheduling our dental appointments. It’s important to make the most out of your dental benefits before the end of the year because any remaining benefits will not rollover into the next year.

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Maximize your Dental Insurance Plan… Here’s How:

  • Know your dental insurance plan benefits. When you know what your deductible and maximum limits are, you’ll know how to plan out your treatments. It’s helpful to talk with your insurance company to know what treatments are covered and at what percentage. Then, you won’t be surprised with a higher dental bill than anticipated and can plan for any treatments that aren’t fully covered.


  • Preventative services are so important! Cleanings and other preventative services are often free with any dental insurance plan. So, not only are you getting services for free, you’re avoiding more expensive services in the future by keeping your oral health in top notch condition!

  • Make sure the whole family is covered. When you have more people on your plan, you’re making sure your family is getting great dental care and maximizing your dental plan discounts.


  • Remember, oral health and overall health is closely linked, so when your oral health isn’t great, it could be an indicator of a bigger issue. Gum disease has been linked to numerous other health issues such as kidney disease, cancer, diabetes, and more. Getting regular dental checkups can detect more than just a simple dental issue, it can detect major illnesses and diseases.


  • Make your appointments in advance and plan out your treatments throughout the year. When you make your appointments in advance and put them into your calendar, you’re less likely to miss appointments and you don’t have to worry about scheduling them. This way you’re getting all the treatments you need when you need them and can maximize your benefits.

The expert team at Premier Dental in Lee’s Summit can answer your dental insurance questions and help you maximize your 2019 benefits AND we have appointments available for you and your family to get the dental treatment you need or make sure your pearly whites are clean & shiny for all of your Holiday festivities.

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